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Baking Box for KIDS!

Which will you choose?

As a cake artist and mommy, my kids have grown up baking and decorating with me. Over the years, we have created tons of incredible memories spending time with each other in the kitchen, and I want to share that opportunity with you!

Make DELICIOUS desserts
Create edible masterpieces
Learn time management & kitchen skills
Discover unparalleled creativity & hidden talents
……. but most importantly, ENJOY time spent together.

Each box is packed with goodies & includes:
– Dessert Recipe Cards
– Decorating Tutorials
– Specialty Ingredients & Supplies
– And SO much more!

Who is the box for?

– The independent, Food Network obsessed 8 year old!
– Pre-Planned FAMILY TIME
– A Fun Day at Grandma’s
– Mommy & Me Activity
– Easy Treats for School & Family Holiday Parties


Photo Booth CAKES

A Photo Booth and a cake? Yes, PLEASE! My all-time FAVORITE cake design!

I create this design when a very special client came to me and asked for an awesome cake for her son’s first birthday. She told me to make whatever I wanted and then sent me her Pinterest board as inspiration. While I was trying to come up with something amazing, a pin of photo booth props stood out to me. I started using the props as inspiration, trying to figure out how I could make a cake with the props on it, or maybe a stacked cake with a void in it so it would look like someone who stood behind it was wearing a golf hat. I brought the thoughts to my husband who always has great ideas and he said, “Why don’t you just hang it?” Thus, the Photo Booth Cake was born! I sculpted the bust of a golfer as well as a golf hat. The hat was suspended by the foreground prop over the bust so everyone at the party could take a picture with the cake! I made edible photo booth props and everyone loved it! I have done several variations and they are still coming! I wrote two blog posts if you’re interested in reading more 🙂
Blog Post#1
Blog Post #2

Virtual Cake TUTORIALS

Did you know we have full length cake tutorials online?

We offer templates as well as video tutorials for some of my most popular cake designs! There’s nothing better than having someone ask, “How in the world did you make that?!” Now, you can learn the secrets to awesome, gravity defying and mind-blowing cake designs I have developed! Some of the tutorials are videos and some are templates with step-by-step instructions to set you up for success!

3 x TV Champion
Holly has competed on 3 nationally televised competitions and brought home the win every time!

DESIGNER cakes, tools & apparel.

What Our Clients are Saying

Julie Banta Lee

“Amazing amazing cakes that taste as good as they look! Holly is a true cake artist!”

Ashley Lynn Beverly

“My groom’s cake was amazing in design, execution and taste!”

Jordan Webre Farizo

“Holly is the best at what she does, period! I got the exact look I wanted for my wedding cake.“

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