Holly Sigur Broussard, 24, a specialty cake designer and young mom, is the founder and owner of Sweet Elizabeth Cake Designs in Prairieville, Louisiana. Sweet Elizabeth was formed as a result of Holly’s love for baking and art.

As a child, Broussard loved to spend time in the kitchen. However, it was baking that captivated her attention. Holly’s love for baking and her growing family encouraged her to pursue her passion and live out her dream of becoming a cake designer.

As Broussard’s business grows, so does her expectation for each of her cakes. Each cake must surpass the one before in creativity and execution. “Weddings and birthdays are some of the most special times in a person’s life, my goal is to make a cake that will only enhance their happiness on that day,” Broussard said. Holly’s mission for her business is to make a product that is absolutely unforgettable.

After five years, she is still doing exactly that.


“Amazing, amazing cakes that taste as good as they look! Holly is a true cake artist!”

“My grooms cake was amazing in design, execution, and taste!!! Thank you again!!”