Hot Chocolate Bombs

HOT Trend Alert!

Have you seen the viral hot chocolate bomb trend?!?

These little exploding balls of marshmallows and cocoa mix are taking the internet by storm! Simply drop one of these cuties in a mug of hot milk and watch the magic happen!

I have to say my favorite way to use them is with coffee! Give it a try, and thank me later – it is quite possibly the best mocha I’ve ever tasted. Hot chocolate bombs can be made in every flavor imaginable and countless shapes and sizes. But how do you make them?

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We are SO excited to announce that we now carry the molds to create these adorable sweet treats! There are many molds on the market that’ll get the job done, but if you’re looking for a quick and perfect result every time, the BWB 3 Piece Molds are what you’ll want. These molds have been virtually impossible to find, they are sold out all over the internet, going for triple their price on eBay, sell out in seconds — and for good reason, too!

For the last several months, we’ve scoured the web and have FINALLY brought them to you so you can get in on the cocoa bomb action!

We currently have the molds in FOUR different shapes and sizes:
50mm Sphere
70mm Sphere
Geometric Heart
Easter Egg

No other mold is like it on the market, the three piece mold makes creating a hollow chocolate cavity so easy. This mold will create a perfectly even and shiny chocolate shell for you to fill with deliciousness. The halves join together to create the perfect cocoa bomb for an indulgent sweet treat! Check out the information below to see what these molds are all about.

Hot Chocolate Bomb Molds | Three Part Special Mold made by BWB Embalagens in Brazil

These Chocolate Molds help you make a Viral Treat at home and are true life-savers in the kitchen!

  • DESIGN: “Three-piece” or “3 part” Mold
    Each mold is composed of 2 rigid PET pieces (top and bottom) and individual flexible inserts for each cavity.

Manufactured by: BWB Embalagens
Made in Brazil

  • USAGE: The chocolate mold can be used to make hollow chocolate shells, hot chocolate bombs, bon bons, dome mousse, melting desserts, ice cream cake, candy pinatas, breakables, handmade soap and the like, and so much more!
  • WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Clean with a damp cloth in warm water, then allow to dry. Never use detergent, soap, or sponges. Between applications simply wipe your mold with a high-quality paper towel.
  • SAFE USE OF CHOCOLATE/CANDY MOLDS: Keep your mold away from direct sunlight and do not expose to temperatures above 122 degrees. Do not use too much pressure to remove your items from the mold. Extreme temperatures (cold OR hot) may cause the mold to warp or crack.
  • HOT CHOCOLATE BOMBS: Hot chocolate bombs are hard chocolate rounds containing hot chocolate powder and marshmallows. When dropped into warm milk, the delicious chocolate melts and releases the cocoa powder inside. The marshmallows then explode to the top of your cup. With a little stir, you have a delightful cup of hot cocoa. Use melting chocolate or tempered coverture chocolate with your mold to create a hollow shell for your cocoa bomb fillings.

Description of the product:
Quickly and efficiently create hollow chocolate shells with little effort and mess! No more painting chocolate into silicon molds or doing multiple coats to achieve the perfect thickness.
Simply fill the bottom PET cavity with chocolate to the fill line, place the flexible insert on top of the chocolate, and push down the top PET piece for a perfect result every time! Even thickness and clean edges to set you up for success!

Hollow shells made with the BWB three-piece mold can be used to make viral trending Hot Cocoa Bombs!
Hot chocolate bombs are filled with cocoa powder and marshmallows. When hot milk is poured over the bombs, they “explode” to release the contents. Once stirred, you have a decadent and delicious cup of Hot Chocolate!

The mold can be used to make gifts or desserts for any celebration.

Perfect Efficiency:  The BWB three-piece mold streamlines the process of creating hollow chocolate shells for countless uses. Quickly and Efficiently create hollow chocolate spheres for countless purposes.

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