Photobooth CAKE?!?!

Ya’ll …. I. AM. SO. EXCITED!

I finally get to show you the newest addition to my heart — but first a little back story….

Two years ago, I met the lovely Amy Trahan of Consign & Design in Prairieville. She was a new business in the area and agreed to let me host a Bride Day at her gorgeous store. (Check it out HERE)
We had an amazing time but I’ll keep this post short and sweet. Fast forward to February and her adorable baby boy is already turning one!

She asked me to do the cake — a golf theme — and gave me artistic license **eek**.
I played around with a few designs and ultimately decided to incorporate some cute photo booth props she had on her Pinterest board. THEN IT HIT ME!

Why not make the photo booth myself …. out of CAKE?!?

I had the idea and just had to roll with it. I really wanted to incorporate the golf hat but was having trouble figuring out how until my INCREDIBLE husband said, “Why don’t you just hang it?”

Uh, DUH. Here I have been sitting here for hours trying to design an awesome cake and he just walks right up with an amazing idea — that’s why I keep him around! Hanging fish, hanging HAT — ohhhhh the possibilities are ENDLESS! (Shamless class plug HERE & HERE).

So NOW the party has an awesome photo booth, with an awesome cake, and EVERYONE at the party gets to take a picture with it! She even had a photographer onsite to capture a photo of each of her guests as they entered that party! Excuse the overuse of exclamation points but I’m just too excited!!!

All I’m saying is if you are having a party or planning a wedding, you NEED one of these. End of story.

Imagine all of your guests actually getting to see the cake before it’s cut, you getting to see all of your guests pose with their EDIBLE photo props, and now you have photo documentation of everyone who was at your party to enjoy for years to come. Not to mention everyone gets to enjoy some delicious cake!

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I have about 7 million themes in my head, so try me!
Interactive Cakes are the next big thing people! If you missed my Interactive Cakes class in Austin be on the lookout, hopefully I will be teaching it somewhere else soon! In the meantime, check out my Hanging Fish Classes 🙂


Oh, I almost forgot his adorable smash cake!

Until next time…

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2 thoughts on “Photobooth CAKE?!?!

  1. Hello! I apologize for reaching out here but I didn’t see another way to contact you. As a fellow cake artist, I follow and adore your work! I was wondering if it would be stepping on your designer toes too much if I used your photo booth cakes as inspiration to make my own to be used as a display only at an upcoming event? I can see that you have worked incredibly hard to design these amazing pieces and wouldn’t feel right making one without your permission. I would of course credit your blog as inspiration.
    I look forward to hearing back from you,

    1. Hi Justine!
      Thanks so much for reaching out to me! You’re so sweet — absolutely use the idea! All I ask is that you credit my designs for your inspiration 🙂

      I can’t wait to see what you make!


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