Peyton is SEVEN

Ya’ll. My baby girl turned SEVEN years old today.

Trendy Cream Tart Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

As in 2,555 days. How in the WORLD did this happen so fast? Time really just needs to slow down.

And to really put into perspective how quickly time is going by – I finally edited the pictures of her cake from LAST YEAR.

Kitty Cat Cake Birthday Table
Sculpted Kitty Cat Cake Dessert Table

Yeah – like somehow in the past year I haven’t had time to sit down and get these things together.

I’m behind on every birthday photo book and am literally running trying to keep up with how quickly time is flying by. I’m scared to blink, and every day is spent trying to enjoy each tiny moment with my girls because I know I’ll look up and another seven years will have passed just like that.

IMG_9971       IMG_9983

Sorry for the sappy intro, but dang! I don’t want my babies to grow up! Last year, Peyton was in love with cats – so naturally her party was kitty themed, as well as the cake. This year she has moved on to bigger and better things – yep, you guessed it, My Little Pony.


This party needed to look like a rainbow threw up a beautiful array of colors and glitter, and I’m pretty sure we nailed it — from the Cutie Mark tattoos to the Rainbow Photobooth Cake, everything had a hint of My Little Pony and of course a sprinkle of Rainbow Dash!

This was one of those cakes that didn’t get assembled until we got to the venue – which is always a crap shoot considering you have no idea how the lighting will be. And this time, I lost .,. BIG TIME.

Dark was not the word for the party room, so needless to say, the photos of the cake are less than impressive. I still loved this cake and Peyton did too, so I have to at least give you a glimpse. But nothing kills my soul more than a poorly lit venue and crappy pictures of a cake that was actually really cute!

All I can say is time better slow down because I am absolutely NOT ready for her to be eight.

Rainbow Cake Layers

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