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Metallic Edible Art Decorative Paint by Sweet Sticks is a range of revolutionary paints made in Australia. With a unique blend of 100% edible ingredients they can paint, dry, and become rub free on almost any edible surface.


Edible Art Paint works beautifully on:

– Fondant

– Crusting Buttercream

– Royal Icing

– Chocolate Ganache

– Modeling Chocolate

– Gold/Silver Leaf

– Marshmallows

– Sugar Cookies

– And more!


Metallic Edible Art Decorative Paint can be applied using countless techniques, however the most common is painting the product on with the use of a quality sable brush or sponge.


The paint is ready to use directly from the bottle, there is no need to thin it out or mix it with any other ingredients. Once applied, Metallic Edible Art Decorative Paint dries quickly and the pigment is sealed within the surface – no dust or smudges!


*Remember to SHAKE well before and during use.*


Store in a dry, cool place away from children.

Please refer to the FAQ for more information on how to properly use this revolutionary product.




There are currently 12 metallic colors that dry with a beautiful, skiny finish and are listed below. We also have 29 gorgeous matte colors as well as a Metallic Palette for the finer details.



Metallic Colors:


– Light Silver

– Gun Metal Grey

– Silver

– Burnt Bronze

– Champagne Gold

– Pure Gold

– Glamorous Gold

– Sunkissed Gold

– Honey Gold

– Pearl White

– Rose Gold

– Pink Diamond

– Metallic Coral


PLUS the 9 NEW Metallic Colors:


– Winter Blue

– Ocean Blue

– Charcoal

– Green Tea

– Banana Yellow

– Mandarin Orange

– Dark Rose’

– Fairy Floss Pink

– Hot Pink


*ALL metallic paints are FDA approved in the US*










There’s a whole lot of lustre in that bottle!

If paint is transparent, keep shaking.

If you need to add more paint to your palette, shake beforehand.

Brushes are important, take the time and find a brush that suits you and the paint.

Long brush strokes show amazing results.

We find lying the bottles flat in between use allows the lustre to blend quicker.

Our paint dries rub free so it’s worth the wait in dry time. No more white gloves!

If these paints are new to you, take the time and have a play. Don’t compare them to other products on the market because there isn’t anything like it. Have fun with them. 





Paints on fondant

Paints on chilled buttercream

Paints on macarons

Paints on heaps of other things too! Dries in one hour or less


Once dry our paints are rub free! No fuss!

The colour is true. What you see is what you get.

100% food grade ingredients.

Gluten, dairy and peanut free! A little bottle goes a long way.


Shake well before and during use. 

Keep away from children and store in a dry cool place. 

Bottle is 15ml.

Additional information

Weight 28 oz
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 2 in

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