Did you know we’re expanding?!?

Well … I’m expanding — personally…

You may have noticed a slight decrease in my online presence lately, and that’s because we are expecting a beautiful baby girl early this August! We could not be more excited about adding another smiling face to our little family of three, however that will mean a little less of me in your news feed — I know, I know … the devastation! (only kidding). I am currently in the process of designing and executing several new ventures for Sweet Elizabeth and I sincerely appreciate your patience with each and every one of them.

Due to my personal condition, as well as open orders and busy schedule, we are currently unavailable for the entire months of June, July, August, and October of 2016 with very limited availability in the remaining months for 2016. Booking for 2017 has not been opened just yet. I will open the booking for 2017 as soon as I feel comfortable to make a commitment to my lovely clients and their important events.

If you have any questions for me, please leave me a voicemail or send me an email. I truly appreciate your patience with my returns as I am doing my very best to enjoy this hot summer with my sweet 5-year-old as her last big hoorah before KINDERGARTEN (don’t even get me started) and our new bundle of joy arrives. Have a great week everyone!

Oh….and don’t forget to sign up for my class at Cajun Cake Expo this October!


IMG_7514-1-2 (2)



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