My Heart

This is my beautiful daughter, Peyton Elizabeth.


She is the heart and soul of Sweet Elizabeth. She keeps the fire to succeed burning bright. I can only hope that one day she will look back at all of our incredible cake-making moments with a big smile on her face, knowing that she was the fuel of this caking journey. It is always hard balancing the work that comes with this business and being a great mom. I am no where near perfect, but this sweet girl comes very close to it. There is nothing better than being able to work from home with the occasional help from an overzealous four year old. For now, rolling out fondant and making the animal or figure of the day is some of the best fun she has in mommy’s cake shop. Her creativity never ceases to amaze me, and I know that one day she will do incredible things. I have been blessed with a support system that is beyond compare, and this little gem is my number one fan. I truly hope that I have made her proud, and that this journey will bring her many smiles for years to come. At times, I get a little burnt out, or overwhelmed from the toils of owning my own business. How do I balance work and play? Am I doing this right? What should the next step be? — And I always know I’ll find the answer in my sweet girl’s eyes. I love you Peyton Elizabeth, thank you for being my rock.

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