EDIBLE Colored Metallic Paint Pan Refill Palette by Sweet Sticks



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Refill your palette or purchase individually.


Introducing the very first of its kind: Sweet Sticks; Edible Art Metallic Water Activated Food Paint- designed for the finer details. 


Our Metallic #EdibleArtPaint colours have taken off by storm, so we have extended our colour range to this new product line. The purpose of our business is: MAKE CAKE DECORATING SIMPLE. Our Paints are known by thousands to simply SHAKE, POUR & PAINT and now we have a revolutionary product that will change the way you detail confections forever.




Simply ACTIVATE with water, STIR to form a paste and PAINT! It’s that easy! When finished, close the lid until next time. For all the Vegans and decorators who cannot have alcohol in their decorating, this product is for you!


Perfect for achieving fine details on:

– Sugar cookies

– Macarons

– Royal Icing

– Fondant

– And more!


Just ACTIVATE, STIR & PAINT! Edible Art Metallic Water Activate Food Paint Palette by Sweet Sticks is the first of its kind. Designed for the finer details in cake and cookie decorating. It is specifically formulated to cater for the Vegan and Religious Decorators. With a unique blend of 100% edible ingredients they can paint, dry and be rub free on many surfaces making decorating quicker, easier and more effective.


“Our individual water activated paints are now available online. I’ve designed the packaging in a way where you don’t have to have the palette to use these paints. It’s packaged in a beautiful clam shell pack so you can use it on its own over and over again. The idea behind this invention was to cater for the decorators who cannot have alcohol as an ingredient or a vegan but still wanted a beautiful metallic finish. To use: simply activate with water, stir until you have a paste/paint like consistency and then simply paint those finer details. Just add more water as you go. It works amazing on royal icing and dries completely rub free. It can also be used on fondant, macarons and even amercian crusted buttercream. This product truly is a beautiful piece to add to your decorating collection. You are purchasing a premium quality product, only using food grade ingredients and handmade in our local studio. I hope you like them ๐Ÿ’• #edibleartpalette”



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